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Kim & Francois

No better Kick off of  the wedding season than with Kim & Francois.  I remembered the enthousiasm and the humour of Kim and her mother lively when she called me. I did not expect the call anymore , and she explained me later, it took her 3 months to convince her fiance of the importance of the photos. So 2 months before the wedding, and still available, we organized an engagament shooting in Liege, and It made totally clear they were gonna rock the wedding. After seeing the photos Francois understood.
Kim picked me up at the venue in the morning, and I followed her from ‘ceci n’est pas un salon’ the most awesome hairsalon I’ve seen, to the supermarket to buy a cart full of vegetables and fruits for wedding dinner, but assured me I could use the 30 cucumbers if I ‘d had to beat up anyone who stood in the way of me and my camera. Luckily no one did, and all the cucumber could still be served afterwards.


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