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Let ‘s play a game.

Many photographers are available, and I am just one of them,
how can you be sure you made the right choice?
Write down your answers: A or B,  and check the result at the bottom of the page.
Play fair, don’t look first ;-)

  1. Duration:
    A) We only need a photographer for a limited time, photos during the preparations have no importance for us.
    B) We would like the photographer to take the time to connect, capture what happens before the actual ceremony,
    and be with us in the morning, like this we get used to the presence of the camera, and have spontaneous and natural photos.

  2. Perfection:
    A) We want our wedding and timing to be perfect, to be sure we do everything right, we are also hiring a master of ceremony that will tell us what to do and when.
    B) The most important thing is that we and our family enjoy our wedding day, even if things don’t always do like we planned in the first place.  We night be a little chaotic, but we ll have the time of our lives.
  3. Pinterest:
    A) We have a long list of pinterest photos and ideas we found online that we want our photographer to copy all of them with us.
    B) We might have or not have some ideas, but we’d love to be suprpised, by our photographer, and we trust him and his eye to get the best out of every situation.
  4. Photos of our guests:
    A) We will want the photographer to make a photo of every single guest or couple, making them pose for the camera.
    B) We want or photographer to capture the vibe, emotions, moments, people laughing and having fun, and focus on the people that are closest to us. We know we might not have a pcandid hoto of every single guest, with so many things happening.
    But If we need posed photos we can always hire a photobooth.
    On the other hand we might still like to have a moment for group shoots, when the formal photos will be taken.

  5. Colour or B&W:
    A) We will want our photographer to edit the images so we get some sepia photos, or some images that are selectively coloured/black and white, we also really like the white vignette on the  border.
    B) We would like to receive a mix of images in B&W and colour (or maybe colours with a vintage vibe, if it fits to our wedding)  that are timeless.
  6. Couple shoot:
    A1) We really love the classic posed photos. like behind a bush or a tree, while we show how we kiss each other, or force a smile towards the camera.
    A2) We don ‘t love posed photos at all, and we don’t want to have a couple session during our wedding day. Can we just skip it?
    We will probably regret this decision later.
    B) We might like posing, or mabe not, but still we would our love to be captured in a spontaneous and natural way, can you please guide us.
  7. Photos fron the inside:
    A1) While we have dinner with our guests we will want to be alone, we will provide a place in the corner of the room, or elsewhere for him to sit and wait.
    B) We want our photographer to celebrate with us and our friends. We will count him as an extra guest for the day, and make sure there is a place at the table of friends. A happy photographer makes happier photos.
  8. All areas:
    A) I am pretty prude, and will want to be alone when I wear my dress, or prepare myself. The photographer can wait outside the room, till I am ready and have my dress on, and then eventually come back for a photo were we act that we are putting the dress on.
    B) We trust our photographer, and are allright with him to be present at all moments. He will be focussing on light and composition anyway. If it results in images that happen to be too private but still beautiful, they will not appear in our online gallery, or anywhere else, but we will have them just for ourselves on our usb.
  9. Flash photography:
    A) We really love flash photography, and whole of our wedding day, we want to see flashes everywhere, especailly during the ceremony, it will make us feel important.
    B) We want our photographer to know how use flash in a flattering and artistic way, but we also want him to have invested in a pair of  hi end cameras and lenses so during the day he can relay on natural light.
  10. Attitude and presence:
    A1) We want our photographer to say nothing whole day, and just follow us.
    A2) We want our photographer to entertain us, and remind people that he’s the photographer.
    B) we want a chameleon photographer, that works mostly unnoticed, but can take the lead when necessary..
  11. Investment:
    A) We only want to spend a very limited amount of our budget to our photographer, it is just photos.
    B) Photos are really important to us. Unlike anything else, years later the photos will be the only thing that will make us able to relive all the moments, emotions and joy of our wedding day. It is an investment that we’ll be profiting form our entire life, not just the wedding day.
  12. Skills:
    A) We think wedding photography is pretty easy, people are well dressed and look beautiful anyway. Just push that button.
    B) We want our photographer to be experienced and to sense when things are to come before they actually happen. He should be able to tell a story with a photo, to have an eye for composition, light, and moments, be able to make people smile, and know how to pose people naturally.
  13. Edits:
    A) We will want all of our images in black and white, and in colour, it is just a push of one button.
    B) We love your black and white photos, and the way that they are edited one by one, to achieve the best result for every single photo. We also trust your choice for every photo. We will also want a selection of colour photos and but will trust the judgement of the photographer based on his experience and eye.
  14. Amount of photos:
    A) We want to all the 5000 unedited photos the photographer made that day, especiallly the ones that were just made for a test, and the almost copy photos that he made 10 times or over and over, because he thought he could make a better version or angle out of it.
    B) We want an unlimited serie of images that are all edited, and live up to our photographer’s standards. There will be probably at least 500 photos, but probably more, and they will tell the story of our wedding completely.
  15. Investment:
    B) For our wedding day our photographer will keep focussed and walk around with a weight of about 5kg for about 15-16hours almost non stop. He will not only invest in gear,
    but also workshops to keep his skills up to date, and after our wedding he ll be spending many sunny days behind his screen to edit the photos for us.
    The choice of our stubborn photographer to not go mainstream, but create art instead, requires much more time, attitude and energy than it would for regular photgraphy. We are proud that we can support an artist and his vision and making a living out of his art. When we count all of this together we believe this might be the best deal we got ourselves in our entire lives.

  16. Final result:
    B) We are not sure about buying a big book photobook yet, but we can decide that after our wedding. We want the images in hi resolution with no logo, so we can always make somethig out of it ourselves. we will receive a preview in the week after the wedding. We don’t care having to wait 2-3months before we receive the final result.

    Your score:

    You scored 16 times B: Congratulations, we’re definitely match. :-) Check our rates here, and book your wedding date before anyone else does.
    You scored 13, 14 or 15 times B. That’s not too bad, but we might need to talk.