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Family life

It was 2013, the year our daughter was born, when I started to get into photography.
Inspired by pinterest and mainstream newborn photography trends, I decided to manage our own baby photos,
So our newborn photos include baskets, vintage suitcases, pastel backgrounds, and flowers in the hair of our baby.
I hope she ll never find out about what we did to her.
Fact is, that in real life babies don ’t live in flowerpots, baskets, or whatever,
nor do they put flowers in their hair.
Babies cry, wet their clothes, and children make a mess of everything, decide over your life,
and can make you go crazy.
Still they love you, and you love them. And that is a beautiful thing to preserve.

Not only is a family documentary a perfect moment to learn to see yourself and your family,
it is maybe the only valuable gift that will still be remembered and loved 50 years (or longer) later,
and the value of your photos will increase every year.
I love capturing how children interact, how they play,…
things they like to do,…
For this I will not interfere, there will be no framed poses, just things as they happen.
A lifestyle photoshoot can take an hour, a full day, a weekend,…
and could take place at your home, a playground,  the beach, the zoo…